Two Way Radio For Farming

Farmers have a lot to deal with when trying to run a diverse, profitable and safe organisation normally covering a very large area of land to care for livestock and/or maintain crops. Other issues they face that can adversely affect their business includes theft of machinery & livestock, vandalism and even fly tipping!

Improving health & safety and efficiency in the business is a good way to deal with these issues. An effective solution is to use a two way radio system. There are a number of radio systems available that include analogue and digital, but a system comprising of a standard 5 Watt licenced hand-held radio and 25 Watt mobile radio (either analogue or digital) is often adequate. You may need to consider other features such as dust protection, waterproof rating, extended battery life etc.

If the farm is particularly large and needs more coverage, you could attach masts/antennas and hide a repeater away in a farm building. It’s best to focus on optimum height for any coverage you may want to gain.

Some farmers are moving away from two way radio to use mobile phones. They often find that cellular coverage is patchy and come back. There is no ‘All Call’ facility on phones so should there be an emergency, you cannot call everyone at the same time.

The farming sector are choosing both analogue and digital radios. Farmers need something that works and normally choose the simplest option with priority being on simple two way communication.

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