How Can Two Way Radio Benefit a Golf Course or Similar Facility?

Golf courses tend to be extremely large. A typical 18 hole golf course could cover as much as 100 acres! Patrons and members of a golf club typically spend a lot of money on access and membership. With this in mind it’s very important their safety is taken seriously and any issues are rectified immediately to their satisfaction. The golf club’s staff need a communication solution that is effective, reliable, easy to use and capable of covering the distances typically found.

Luckily this is where the capabilities of two way radio come in to their own. The key benefit of two way radio is that once Ofcom grant your license to operate, all two way radio communications between staff are free (no phone bills) and instant at the touch of a button.

Motorola Two way radios keep your team connected, helping to keep your golf course managed efficiently and kept secure. There is a lot of activity from various job roles on a golf course such as the club professional, the team running the bar and restraint, the team running the golf shop and green keepers who maintain and manicure the beautiful relaxing greens.

At an event, Marshals and officials need effective radio comms to remain in contact and to ensure everything is coordinated. At a tournament, a Motorola radio system can instantly connect the management with timekeepers, course officials, marshals, pro-shop/player registration desk, car parks, practice areas, caddies and other staff.

Using two way golf course radio can also facilitate communicating weather conditions, coordinate the use of water sprinklers with the greenkeepers and required course repair to keep the Golf course in tip top condition.

Choosing the best radio system is very important. You need to consider the size of the Golf course and the club’s needs. Usually UHF radios are used on most Golf courses as having club houses and other structures, radio waves need to penetrate the walls. If they will be used exclusively outdoors, VHF radios would also be suitable and offer increased range.

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