Important success tips from multi-millionaires

Australia is a nation full of millionaires. Household wealth has reached $1 million, spurred by high property prices and swelling superannuation balances. This data raises questions about how an investor can move up a level to become a multi-millionaire. The chief investment officer for the venture capital group Investible, said people should avoid fixating on […]

Unusual ways to make ends meet during tough times

As the world advances, more and more people have figured out that there’s real money to be made on the internet. And no, we aren’t talking about pocket money or spare change, we’re talking about the real deal. With current global unemployment rates showing no signs of improving, and the cost of living creeping up in […]

How Can Two Way Radio Benefit a Golf Course or Similar Facility?

Golf courses tend to be extremely large. A typical 18 hole golf course could cover as much as 100 acres! Patrons and members of a golf club typically spend a lot of money on access and membership. With this in mind it’s very important their safety is taken seriously and any issues are rectified immediately […]

How Can Two Way Radio Benefit Communication Within Hotels?

Guest satisfaction is paramount for any reputable hotelier. Poor guest satisfaction and you run the risk that your guests will not be repeat customers. A proven way is effective radio communication in hotels so that there is a fast and effective response to the requirements and needs of each hotel guest. An effective tool used […]

Making Schools Safe and Secure with Motorola Two Way Radios

Every school, college or university, owes its students, staff and visitors a duty of care while they are on premises. Within the boundaries of schools, colleges or universities, threats to safety and security can include injuries from accidents, natural disasters such as flooding, storms and earth movement or from acts such as vandalism, arson, theft, […]

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